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Phosphorus Testing

Phosphorus Testing

Phosphorus testing to accurately determine the level of phosphorus in a metal coating such as electroless nickel plating Read on...

Kesternich Testing

Kesternich Testing

Specialist Kesternich testing services for a range of metals and metal plated components subject to corrosion Read on...

Hardness Testing

Hardness Testing

Accurate and reliable Vickers hardness testing to determine the hardness levels of small parts and sections Read on...

Salt Spray Testing

Salt Spray Testing

Salt spray testing services to determine the corrosion resistance of coated samples, substrates, and components prone to degradation from salt corrosion Read on...

Spire testing labs in ChesterfieldAccurate, Certifiable Metal Testing 

Specialists in the testing, validation and certification of specific customer requirements associated with various aspects of the plating industry.

metal testing specialistsUKAS Accredited, Traceable Results

UKAS or recognized national standards are used to calibrate equipment, providing traceable results to national and international standards.

Spire Labs - Metal Testing, Validation and Certification Services

Spire Laboratories offer a range of testing services associated with the validation and certification of specific customer requirements involved in the plating industry. We can offer our customers a variety of qualified metal testing services which include mechanical property testing for hardness, micro-structure inspection for coating thickness, chemical composition analysis including X-radial fluorescence spectrometric, and corrosion testing.

Metal Testing Services

The testing services available at Spire Laboratories include the following:

Latest Metal Testing Methods

When using plated metal parts or components in your products, you need to be certain that they are safe, reliable and fully certifiable to meet rigorous regulatory standards. The metal testing services available at Spire Labs help you to identify and assess the characteristics of your metal part in order to determine their safety, reliability and integrity.

We can offer you the latest testing methods carried out by our professional, experienced specialists in order to help you to identify the properties, characteristics and possible flaws of the metal materials used in your products, and ensure that metal plated components will operate reliably and in compliance with the required accreditations. We have a long standing commitment to ensuring that our services are of the highest quality, providing accurate and certifiable testing to our customers.

UKAS Accreditation

All of the metal testing services carried out at Spire labs use UKAS calibrated equipment in order to provide results that are traceable to national standards.