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Phosphorus content testing lab Chesterfield Phosphorus Content Testing

The phosphorus content is a key component in the determination of the properties of an electroless nickel coating. There are varying levels of phosphorus content, and each provides unique properties. Here at Spire Laboratories, we are able to confirm the level of phosphorus in the electroless nickel coating on your components through accurate testing, allowing us to certify that the correct phosphorus level has been used during the plating process.

Phosphorus Content Testing Using Spectrometrics

The process of phosphorus content testing uses a process called spectrometric analysis, which is a method used to determine the concentration of a chemical element or chemical compound in a sample. Spire Labs uses a sophisticated process to accurately determine the level of phosphorus in a metal coating such as electroless nickel plating, providing our customers with the necessary certifications to meet the required regulatory standards.

Electroless Nickel Coatings and Phosphorus Content

Electroless nickel coatings have multi-functional properties depending on the amount of phosphorus contained in the coating. The level of phosphorus can affect the hardness, corrosion resistance and solderability of the coating; therefore it is important that they are accurately determined when making sure a coating is fit for use.

For example, low phosphorus coatings typically have high levels of hardness, and are often used in applications requiring abrasion and wear resistance. High phosphorus coatings have superior salt spray and acid resistance, and medium phosphorus coatings are used most widely in order to meet the general purpose requirements of wear and corrosion resistance.

Phosphorus Test Specifications

The specification for phosphorus testing is: BE EN ISO4527:2003 Annex D2

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