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Salt spray testing lab in Chesterfield Salt Spray Testing

Choosing the right material and protective coating is essential when a component will be used in an extreme environment. Salt spray testing, or salt fog testing as it is sometimes known, effectively assesses the reliability of a product by simulating these environments, therefore confirming that an industrial coating will survive in its working environment.

Spire Labs offer a comprehensive salt spray testing service to customers throughout the UK and worldwide. The standard salt spray test method is used to check the corrosion resistance of coated samples, substrates, and components which may be prone to suffering from degradation as a result of salt corrosion.

Corrosion Resistance Testing for Industrial Coatings

The salt spray test is widely used in the industrial sector for the evaluation of corrosion resistance of finished surfaces or parts. As an accelerated corrosion test, the salt spray test produces a controlled, accelerated corrosive environment for the coated samples. This enables us to predict their suitability for use as protective finishes and accurately evaluate their levels of corrosion resistance.

The Accelerated Corrosion Procedure

The salt spray testing facility at Spire Labs enables the provision of steady state exposure. The test is conducted in a closed salt spray chamber where the sample is subjected to extended exposure to a saline, or salted, spray. The length of exposure time is determined by the material, the coating, and the standard specified.

The salt spray test can be adapted to different levels of corrosion in order to simulate different environments. As a rule, the more corrosion resistant the coating is, the longer the period in testing without showing signs of corrosion. Our expert team are then able to evaluate the part for evidence of the appearance of corrosion products, enabling us to determine the resistance of the sample, ensuring its longevity and reliability.

Salt Spray Test Specifications

The specification for salt spray testing is: ASTM B117

To find out more about our salt spray testing services, please contact us on 01246 855617

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